We Work as One

The priority for us is to provide consistency with our clients. Therefore, our organisation encourages long-term partnerships that will hopefully last many years. Considering this, our consultants see the bigger picture: they must be market sector experts so that clients and candidates can feel confident in our services.

When faced with leadership changes, organisations must be clear on the type of person they want to bring into the team. Hiring Managers need to factor in company culture, and present employee dynamics and how this could be impacted is vitally important. For example, appointing someone purely on their academia or length of service is not always the best option.

At Hamilton Mayer International, we fully respect resumes as the first port of call when assessing a candidate. But, additionally, it’s our advice to look past the credentials and view the person under consideration via their personality, enthusiasm and overall drive to succeed in the role being interviewed for. If you get those components right alongside the right skills, companies will continuously hire great candidates and future leaders of tomorrow.

Global Network

We are proud that our firm offers our employees the flexibility to work from home and in an office environment. In addition, Hamilton Mayer International prides itself as a global player in the construction market when corporations seek executive search services to assist with their growth plans and ensure they have the right succession strategies in place.

Through trust and outstanding collaboration, our consultants effectively use technology to attract, engage and put forward the best candidates to clients. Additionally, with the ever-growing presence of hot-desking and Flexi office spaces becoming more readily available, the purpose of going into an office for a client meeting or training session is still a viable option for our employees.

Our commitment is this: if you are a client seeking help with a vacancy or a candidate following up on a recent interview, Hamilton Mayer International’s priority is to get back to you as quickly as possible, whatever time of the day it may be.

Deliver Results

There is no compromise in not providing the best service. We pride ourselves on that anyone dealing with our firm feels assured they are being listened to. The relationships we have built up over the years in the construction industry, nationally and internationally, with Chairman, CEO or President, are a testament to achieving greatness as the world’s number one talent solutions provider.

Hamilton Mayer International does not need to compare itself to other recruiting firms as we know our name speaks volumes in the construction industry. Our methods when engaging clients are world-class. We are committed to having great relationships with the industry and remain firmly on the front foot to achieve excellent results. However, whereas other organisations traditionally have various divisions, they recruit for, we believe they are not true specialists able to source top talent in the sector.

What separates our firm is that we are fully dedicated to the global construction market, speaking the same language as the clients and candidates we serve, and we are proud of that fact.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Discipline
  • Resilience
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship

Superior Reputation
In The Industry

Collaboration is key. Speaking the same language as the industry experts we work with daily goes a long way in providing the best service. 

We are proud that around 90% of the work we do here at Hamilton Mayer International is referral based, either from candidates we have placed or clients wanting to use our bespoke services to source and attract the best candidates on the market to their organisation.

A Highly Efficient Service

A Highly Efficient Service

The Construction industry is highly competitive, and we are on hand to listen to your core requirements around what motivates you in terms of your career and personal goals. Our objective is to make the recruitment process as efficient as possible, which will lead to future recommendations. Above all else, everyone who works with us is left satisfied with the service provided.

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