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We offer innovative solutions to companies seeking the best talent for the most challenging of positions to fill

Hamilton Mayer International is a business founded on having a clear eye for detail, able to tackle any recruitment problem with an open mind that defines our approach, offering an intuitive, dedicated team of consultants who are experts in their field with the ability to listen and advise accordingly.

Being able to understand the requirements of both a client and candidate is at the heart of how Hamilton Mayer operates as a reputable executive search consultancy. Specifically in having the skill sets to uncover the best candidates for challenging positions across Transportation, Rail, Utilities, Building, Property, Oil & Gas, Residential Development, Chemicals & Coating, Life Sciences and Medical.

What We Do

Executive Search & Selection

We take on every assignment with a unique, 100% tailored around the client approach. It is imperative for an organisation seeking CEO, or other c-suite individuals that they find and recruit the right person. With many years combined experience completing previous assignments, we feel well positioned to offer comprehensive, unbiased solutions to the ever-growing need to hire the best talent.

Confidential succession planning

Nothing is set in stone and Hamilton Mayer International completely understands the leadership of today will not always be there tomorrow. Should it be part of the business plan moving forward or a confidential and discreet search, we are able to consult and advise the best course of action to leadership challenges causing businesses operational difficulty. We use the best tools to ensure we assess suitability not just from previous track records but also from a cultural fit too as both are vitally as important.

One to one consulting

With the pressures of today’s society, it can be quiet daunting to think about alternative employment, let alone spend the time contacting potential employers. Our team of experts is on hand to listen and act in a holistic manner ensuring the transition of roles is a smooth, fluent process.