Why should a recruitment process be drawn out?

Time is of the essence. In the current environment where the war for talent is so intense, you cannot afford to take your time and let candidates lose interest. One area that could be a danger zone in your recruiting efforts is a lengthy application and recruiting process.

If your recruiting procedure involves convoluted forms or a drawn-out interviewing process, you may be alienating potential new hires. Tools like recruiting software can certainly help, as well as a few minor changes to your strategy. So here are a few potential problem inefficiencies that can cause them and how you might fix them. No guarantees mind you, but consultative advice all the same.

Your Interview Process is Unsystematic

Cancellations, rescheduling, gaps in the in-person interview day all send the wrong message to your candidate. Try to use technology efficiently to more easily screen the candidates and then when someone is scheduled for an on-site, make it a special day for the candidate and your employees. By the time they get to your offices, you should be 90% convinced they will get an offer and the candidate should be 100% interested in your firm.

You Forget to Sell as well as Assessing to Buy

Yes, the candidate is coming in for you to be sure this is the right candidate for your opening, but don’t forget they are assessing you and your firm as well. Your interviewers should be enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and able to translate that to the candidate. Inspire the candidate with the opportunity you and your firm offer. If you can’t do this, because you don’t believe, this is the wrong place for you and your candidate will make that assessment, too.

You Take Too Long to Reply

Human Resources departments have been cut-back and downsized and now it’s down to the hiring manager to take charge. But don’t let your interview process drag out too long because candidates get lost in the shuffle when numerous candidates may have been interviewed. The best candidates are not on the market for very long. Keeping candidates informed of vacations and unavoidable meetings that disrupt the process is one thing but going dark for more than a week is an error.

You Exclude the Recruiter

Your recruiter should be your partner in the interview process. The candidate will provide them with information and insight they may not feel comfortable sharing with you. The recruiter can also advise you on the scarcity of the types of experienced candidates you have been looking for and will prioritise securing the candidate to your business. This will help you prioritize the speed with which you pursue the candidate.


Your Offer is Not Competitive

Low balling in a candidate driven market is a mistake. Candidates know when an offer is fair and will respond with a rational reaction when the offer is made. Clarity on the entire package at the point of offer also adds to your firm’s credibility and expresses a clear interest in the candidate. They will be impressed if you answer their questions before they ask them. Your recruiter is invaluable at this stage in the process.

Know what you are looking for, and then make the correct decision

Everybody will have an ideal person for a job, a dream candidate… but does this person exist? Set out exactly what you are looking for, have a specific criteria. Be realistic, and consistent. Holding out for somebody who may not actually be available, delaying your recruitment process is not the way forward.


When looking for a career change, we want both sides of the negotiating table to feel confident with the service being provided. Our organisation will keep in close contact with both the candidate and client so that the final appointment is made in the most efficient manner. Our aim is to make sure everyone is satisfied and will want to use us again in the future.

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