On Thursday 18th April, Hamilton Mayer’s Managing Director; Jayson Oliver took part in a charity event called CEO Sleepout in aid of tackling the ongoing problems with homelessness in the UK.

Here are his thoughts:

I recently participated in the CEO Sleepout, an experience that challenged me both physically and emotionally. Spending a night sleeping rough alongside other business leaders opened my eyes to the harsh realities of homelessness. It wasn’t just about the physical discomfort of sleeping outdoors; it was a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities and hardships faced by those who don’t have a safe place to call home.

As a business leader, I’m constantly striving to make a positive impact beyond the walls of my company. While homelessness is a complex issue with no easy solutions, the statistics are undeniably alarming. The UK government estimates there were 3,898 people sleeping rough across England on a single night in Autumn 2023. This represents a 27% increase from the previous year.

GOV.UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/homelessness-statistics

For example, Shelter, a UK housing and homelessness charity, estimates that at least 309,000 people were homeless in England on a single night in 2023. This represents a rate of 1 in 182 people. These numbers represent real people facing immense challenges, and I felt compelled to do more than just read about the issue.

The CEO Sleepout presented a unique opportunity to not only raise awareness and funds but also to gain a firsthand understanding of the hardships faced by those experiencing homelessness.

With guest speakers from people who were once homeless and the positive changes that can be achieved firsthand; was incredible to witness. I appreciated the time and effort to share their story, which I found the message personally to be very powerful.

I wanted to connect with the issue on a deeper level, to move beyond statistics and reports and experience the reality for myself.  This experience, I hoped, would allow me to be a more effective advocate and leader within my own company and the broader community.

The CEO Sleepout was a unique experience that challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and confront the realities of homelessness. It reaffirmed in my mind to support for change and help organizations working to create a future where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to get involved and make a difference in the fight against homelessness.

For more details on the charity, follow the link here: CEO Sleepout – join us as we unite to fight homelessness in your city!

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