Hamilton Mayer is a key search partner in the residential market both nationally and internationally.

With the ever-growing desire to be a homeowner or even maybe take a step up the property ladder, the conundrum with the industry is there just isn’t the properties available on the market for people to buy as demand for homes always outdoes supply.

It is a known factor there is nowhere near enough homes being built to satisfy demand, therefore the house builders responsible for leading the construction efforts are always on the look-out for exceptional leaders and that’s why using our talent solution services and market experience has benefited our clients globally.

Hamilton Mayer International has served the house building sector across the globe for many years, responsible for placing a wide array of candidates from Sales Directors, Land Acquisitions Managers to Division President. It is with this experience and wide breath of knowledge of how the industry operates, is precisely why our firm stands out among the competition as the number one recruiting firm when companies are looking to add experienced talent to their organisations.

Our clients are committed to building the best communities for their clients, which in turn may involve supporting local schools in the area, providing investment to infrastructure/transportation networks and helping to bring more affordable properties to the market. Our team is fully engaged with some of the leading companies in the industry, responsible for helping our clients to attract and retain the best talent resulting in a more competitive workforce of the future.


Land Buying

  • Build properties on complex land including both greenfield and brownfield sites
  • Work with local communities/ authorities to deliver effective planning permissions
  • Target land buying where location will return capital following purchase


  • Extemporary design for customers in a competitive market
  • All new developments/communities will have high satisfaction ratings following a 10-year period
  • Be it a townhouse, senior living, 3-4-5 bed dwelling, design and layout are important to the customer


  • Priority with any housebuilder should be build quality of homes with minimal snags
  • High standards of health & safety at all times
  • Effective leadership resulting in excellent workmanship

Sales & Marketing

  • How can the experience of buying a new home be improved?
  • Expert advice defining the right house types based on current circumstances
  • Innovative sales & marketing resulting in higher customer leads