As the global economy pushes on firmly seeing the back of Covid-19, hopefully never to return, what are people thinking as a response to how the world of work is going to look like, and with that, working with a specialist search firm in the construction sector such as Hamilton Mayer can have lots of benefits.

  • Specialist Knowledge

Knowing your market might seem obvious, but this is where the strong get separated from the weak. Employees working in their dedicated market space needs to be consistent with industry trends, news, senior hires and generally have their finger on the pulse 24/7. Literally, live and breath the market they operate in and this will be hugely advantageous when holding a competent conversation with industry professionals.

  • Excellent Client Relationship

Hamilton Mayer is proud to have worked some of the largest construction companies across the globe. With this, we have fostered long-lasting relationships with hiring manages helping us get the necessary clarity on the position they are hiring for. This information is critical to share with job applicants both direct to us, and passively thinking about a career change following an approach by our firm. Our aim is adequately prepare candidates for job interviews (which may include site visits or presentations at board level) in order to set individuals apart from the competition, especially now as there might be more applicants per job opening in a post-covid employment market.

  • No Additional Cost

Our job here at Hamilton Mayer is to find the best talent for our clients. This though, does include offering consultative career advice to candidates wanting a step up the career ladder. When speaking with our firm, our aim to contact you with an opportunity which we believe is a more challenging role, increased compensation, and work life balance. That said, we advise our viewpoints and understanding of the market, however, this is only our professional opinion as we don’t have a crystal ball I’m afraid. Our service is completely free for candidates wanting the help from a specialist search firm in the construction sector.

  • Our Network of The Best People Is Unrivalled

Your network is king. If you have a strong connection base with client and candidates alike in your dedicated market, there is a strong likelihood of being successful long-term. Where there is a strong network, it is highly likely recommendations will follow. So, in essence, there is a particular role that requires the skillsets of an individual which is relatively rare, it is advisable to ask for recommendations as often as possible. Pass on contact details, information about the job posting, send useful links that again can be circulated and you will be surprised how quickly word spreads, and is amazing to see the benefits of a network working together so positively.

  • In Conclusion

We are on the verge of a remarkable re-alignment of the global construction market – and like any market realignment there will be those who benefit and those who miss out.

That means that corporate occupiers, developers, contractors, consultants, governments and companies working in construction market need to be developing their new strategies now. Those who adapt quickest to the new normal will open up opportunities denied to those who take longer to come to terms with the impact of coronavirus.

Hamilton Mayer is the trusted partner of choice in the global construction market. Contact us today to see how we can help with your career search or if you’re a business with a positive mindset and is wanting to grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch by visiting and we will be happy to help.

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