Firstly, the phase ‘executive search can have many connotations; ‘headhunter, recruiter, executive search and selection, consultant, principle’ etc, but do the clients that actually use these types of providers understand the service they are getting?

In a world of hiring the best talent becomes more and more competitive, organisations highlight the need to grow and are receptive to receiving calls from search firms providing them the best candidate on the planet, but as an employer, how do you differentiate which organisation to use? One thing is for sure, I recently had a call with a client who informed me that various members of leadership team get in the region of 500 emails a day which is just not viable to keep up with. What’s the solution to this? We concluded that organisations can be selective on who they work with and should focus their efforts on building relationships with dedicated search firms that know not just their business as experts, but expertly know the industry inside-out as a whole.


No, not in the dating sense but the relationship a recruiter has with a candidate who has shown interest working with that specific search firm. This is important. The dealings a recruiter has with a candidate will lay the foundation on a future partnership that could last many years. This is true not just in recruitment, but in business globally, doesn’t matter what sector. From the initial contact a recruiter will have with a candidate, it’s important to know why that person is looking for a move, i.e. the main driver, what is REALLY motivating them? If you know this, then you are on the right path to uncovering the best opportunity for the candidate. Candidates need to believe they are working with the best recruiters in their industry, who they feel confident are connected to the right organisations they would be interested in working for.

I hear a lot on LinkedIn about how recruiting firms promote themselves via client satisfaction statistics which in the grand scheme of things is great, but couldn’t anyone say this? The hard truth is, it doesn’t matter the brand, colour of your website or the latest video posting in the hope it might go viral, the FACTS are simple, it’s the individual consultants (every single one) who deliver the service for the company, these are the most important asset. If this is done right, then everything else takes care of itself.

Additionally, this leads on to my next point when working with clients on the grounds individual consultants should focus on delivering a dedicated one-to-one service to organisations that have a mission in mind; to expand their organisation with the best talent in their team. Are you that recruiter? Have you established yourself with a client? I’m not talking about hiding behind all the fancy literature of the large corporate recruiting firm you work for, I’m talking about YOU? Clients want to know what you can provide, and more importantly can you deliver excellent candidates on a regular basis?

An established recruiter will more than likely have worked with the same client for at least 3-5yrs+ making numerous placements across the group along the way. Basically, are you known to the hierarchy of the organisation? My golden rule is the 1:2 ratio, this fundamentally means that for every two resumes put forward to a client, one will be of interest with an interview to follow. If you are a recruiter that falls outside of this, then there is every chance a resume is being sent out with the hope of some interest. This is not the way to go if a recruiter is looking to establish themselves as a main point of contact.


With over twenty years combined industry experience, we ensure no stone is left unturned leading the search for top tier executives both nationally and globally. We provide an intuitive service to the international stage, where all consultants have an excellent eye for detail. Hamilton Mayer International has a global network of contacts that it has established over the years built on trust, hard work and determination to offer the best services to our clients.


When looking for a career change, we want both sides of the negotiating table to feel confident with the service being provided. Our organisation will keep in close contact with both the candidate and client so that the final appointment is made in the most efficient manner. Our aim is to make sure everyone is satisfied and will want to use us again in the future.


All consultants at Hamilton Mayer International have the same thought in mind; being committed to helping organisations stay one step ahead of the competition. Through hard work and commitment we endeavour to find the leaders of tomorrow. The world of executive search is changing constantly and it’s by using a recruitment partner that can be trusted in their approach that our clients can have peace of mind that a professional and competent service is being provided.


Should you have any further questions about how Hamilton Mayer can assist your career search, please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit our website for more details. Furthermore, if you are an employer and have a particularly hard role to fill and would like our assistance, please be advised to reach out to our Managing Director, Jayson Oliver who will be on hand to take down the brief and explain the process moving forward.

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