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We are dedicated to fulfilling our clients recruitment needs by offering our experience and expert knowledge across all industry sectors that we operate in

Hamilton Mayer International is results orientated and thrives on being the best in the field. All of our consultants respect the importance of understanding the requirements put forward to them by a client. This involves being able to listen and act in accordance to the brief at hand.

Discovering the finest candidates is at the heart of what we do. We excel at finding candidates unique to your specification and those that will be a worthy investment to the organisation.

For particularly challenging positions, clients are able to retain our services whereby we will provide a dedicated team of consultants assigned to searching for the right candidate. This enables a timely and effective targeted search campaign.

Hamilton Mayer understands the desire to fuse the most ambitious businesses with the best leaders for their company that will ensure all recruitment strategies are met. Our mission is to do just that.